Our Commitment to Sustainability

Merino kids singlet

What does Sustainability mean for Merineo?

Fast fashion is about replicating runway garments using low quality fabrics in an effort to bring inexpensive garments to everyday consumers, whilst driving profits through mass production - every season!  This process involves little regard for our environment and the people working tirelessly in often unethical conditions to create these products.  

At Merineo, we want to help create a positive change so we can enjoy a healthier environment and a more inclusive society.  We are committed to inspiring our customers, suppliers and the community, to consider and reflect on the impact their everyday buying decisions have on the environment, as well as our fellow human beings and the welfare of animals throughout the supply chain.

How does Merineo help create positive change through its products?

We offer high quality, ethically produced and sourced newborn swaddle bags, baby sleeping bags and baby clothing made locally in Melbourne, Australia from sustainable fibres.  We work with the best local suppliers and international suppliers who also share our mission of changing the textile industry for the better by investing heavily in sustainable manufacturing.