Premmie product review of Merineo newborn swaddling bag.

Premmie Product Review

"We were given the Merineo newborn sleeping bag to try with our baby girl, and have loved it.  

Our little girl was premmie and weighed only 2.3kgs when she came home so as you can imagine none of the sleep bags we had fit her as she was quite little.  This sleep bag however, fits her perfectly.  

It was snug and the internal swaddling wings make it especially so. Our girl is a little wriggler too- and there is no way she can wriggle out of this bag! 

We would definitely recommend the Merineo newborn sleeping bag to other parents (particularly this size for premmie babies)."

Merineo is grateful to Barb of Albury Wodonga Midwifery for her curiosity and interest in new, innovative, healthy and environmentally friendly products for the benefit of her clients.  Thank you!


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