What's So Good About Merino Wool?

Merino wool is a natural and sustainable fibre, grown by Merino sheep, and it's environmentally friendly because it biodegrades in the soil within 6 months, and the fibres disintegrate quickly in the oceans; unlike synthetics.

Superfine merino is finer and softer than "extrafine" merino fabrics used by many mainstream brands.  The wool used to make our fabrics is hand picked as soon as the fleece is shorn off the sheep.  High end fabric mills turn this fleece wool into the world's most beautiful and premium fabrics.

And did you know that over 90% of the world's fine apparel wool, which includes superfine merino, is grown right here in Australia!

At Merineo we use superfine Merino wool, and we receive lots of feedback about the comfort and softness of our products.  Our special story is that our family grown superfine Merino wool in the Victorian countryside, and we sell it to the very same mill we purchase our Italian fabric from.

Merino wool is perfect for babies, and to understand why, take a look at this short video by Woolmark -  


If you're keen to find out even more about Merino Wool.....

Wool is unique because the tiny air pockets contained in each fibre, help insulate the wearer from the cold by creating a microclimate next to the skin.  In the hot weather, wool's moisture wicking properties draw moisture away from the skin, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.

Wool is durable and tests show the fibres break after 20,000 bends, compared to 3,000 for cotton, allowing wool to last longer.  

Merino wool is considered the premium fibre to use on babies and children, and there's some amazing research to prove it!



Babies sleep better in wool

SLEEP BETTER - It's proven babies settle more easily and sleep better in wool, part of the reason why the majority of the survey respondents in our hospital trial of the Merineo reported their baby slept better in a Merineo compared to similar products.

Wool is warm and cool.

BREATHABLE - Babies are less clammy in wool because of wool's better ability to absorb moisture vapour.

Newborns put on weight in merino wool.

GAIN WEIGHT - A study showed newborns sleeping on wool gained 22.7g per day compared to cotton at 18.6g.

Wool is warm and cool and is perfect for babies.

WARM & COOL - Wool is the only fibre with air-pockets, creating a cosy micro-climate of air next to the skin, allowing heat release and reducing the risk of baby overheating.

LESS ECZEMA -  A 2016 study of under 3 year olds wearing wool next to skin found a significant decrease in eczema severity compared to cotton.

ABSORBS MOISTURE -  Wool has the best ability (out of cotton, polyester, nylon, acrylic and polypropolene) to absorb moisture, such as dribble and leaky nappies, keeping baby’s skin drier.

SOFT & LUXURIOUS - Merino wool feels luxuriously soft because of its extremely fine fibres. Merineo use superfine merino wool.

FIRE RESISTANT -  Wool is naturally fire resistant, doesn’t melt, and is safer than cotton and synthetics.



Merino sheep grow the fibre of choice

Above image of ewes and lambs used with special permission from The Woolmark Company.