How to use your Merineo "Arms In or Out" Baby Sleeping Bag for your 2 - 6 month old

This design is perfect for babies who are about to roll over (which generally occurs at 6 months of age).  Baby can have arms in or out.

Step 1: Start with opening zipper and laying the Merineo on a flat surface.  Lay baby flat on it's back in the Merineo.  

Step 2

          Arms In:  Close press studs on armholes so baby's arms are snug inside the Merineo,

          Arms Out:  Open press studs and place baby's arms through armholes.  You may prefer to transition baby to arms out by placing one arm out at a time.

Step 3:   Close zipper so baby is snug and secure in your Merineo and ready for sleep!