We Want To Collaborate with You!

We would love to send you a FREE item of clothing from our collection of Australian merino baby clothing

In return, we'd like you to:

  • create a video using your phone, and
  • make a testimonial and publish on our website and on google.

For the video, baby will be dressed in their Merineo product sitting on your lap, and you will talk about:

(1)  The challenges you've had finding soft, natural and sustainable clothing for your baby that's made in Australia, and how happy you are to have found Merineo.

(2) Describe and show the item of clothing on baby and why you like it.

(3) Recommend Merineo.

We will use your video on our social media channels, and so that we can boost the post, we ask you to send us the video to post on our channels first, and we encourage you to then share the post on your channels.

We think you and your baby would be great to showcase our brand!  Let us know what you think by sending us a DM.

Top 5 Tips to Create a Video

1.  Use a ring light for the best lighting.

2.  Use a phone holder so that you can hold baby on your lap and talk freely.

3.  Ensure your space is free of clutter.

4.  You and baby should take up the whole video frame.

5.  Smile & enjoy!