Newborn swaddling bag - Merineo

"Merineo" Swaddling Bag for small newborn

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A Merineo is a wonderful keepsake for a newborn.
  • unique and easy to use swaddle-in-a-bag design proven in hospital pilot program to help babies settle better - swaddle baby then zip up as shown in diagram
  • 2.5kg - 4.5 kg aged 0 - 2 months
  • non-itchy 17.5 micron superfine merino wool
  • machine washable
  • stretchy knit fabric construction suitable for all 4 seasons
  • full length zipper facing also prevents slider touching baby's chin
  • large zipper slider easier for Daddy to use
  • unisex colour combinations
  • design supports safe sleep practices
  • supplied to Knox Private Hospital
  • proven to help babies settle better than comparable sleep products*
  • proudly made in Australia

As baby outgrows this suit, transition to Merineo "Arms In or Out" Sleeping Bag.

*Pilot program conducted at Knox Private Hospital - majority of survey respondents reported baby settled better in a Merineo compared to similar sleep products.