Merineo 'Mesh' Style Displayed at Milano Unica in Italy

Merineo 'Mesh' Style Displayed at Milano Unica in Italy

Our Merineo “mesh” newborn swaddling bag was displayed at Italy's main trade fair, Milano Unica.  Merineo was selected for display because of it's innovative use of mesh style fabric, a highly breathable knit, often used for activewear as a next-to-skin garment.  Made from 100% superfine merino wool, it’s breathability, thermal qualities and elasticity make it the perfect choice for a baby to sleep in.

Merineo in 'mesh' fabric on display at Milano Unica in Italy.

Photo: Merineo 'mesh' style newborn swaddling bag in the display cabinet at Milano Unica.

Milano Unica displays innovative samples

The show featured many of the worlds most innovative textile samples produced by leading manufacturers for the world’s top end fashion market.  It’s a futuristic styled event, and the July show in Milan presented the autumn / winter 2019-2020 collections. 

Milano Unica began in 2005, when 5 textile trade shows became united into one, contributing to the international success of the now well-known ‘Made in Italy’ brand.  Sponsored by the likes of the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, attended by journalists of international fashion magazines, and featuring guest speakers such as the president of the International Chamber of Fashion, Milano Unica is a key event in the whirlwind of trade and fashion. 

Merineo’s product on display was a sample of the Merineo newborn swaddling bag supplied to Knox Private Hospital and given to all newborn babies born at the hospital last summer.   The mesh fabric is lightweight and breathable – a great solution to sleep babies in in the warmer weather.

I'm a Knox Baby!

Photo Credit: Kiddy Kats Photography.

Consumers are demanding sustainability

Taking centre stage in Milan was product and process sustainability; or the future of our planet and how future generations will live.  This growing consumer demand has created a race to develop new ways to reduce social and environmental impacts.  The demand is being distinguished from a fashion trend, and is seen as a change in consumer behaviour requiring suppliers to redefine their end-to-end processes.

Italy is the world’s second largest exporter of clothing items, so to have this message emanating from Italy is a powerful message about the direction of the textile trade.

Pleasingly, textile makers are responding to the demand for sustainability - the number of businesses showing sustainable samples at the show tripled as compared to the previous year!

Is our future sustainable? Milano Unica

Photo: "Is our future sustainable?" was the focus at Milano Unica.

Wool’s significance to the Italian textile trade

Wool is an important part of the show.  Wool is so important to Italy that in 2017 it equated to almost half (41.6%) of Italy’s total textile trade.  To put this in context, half again (19.6%) was made up of cotton fabrics. 

Italian wool fabric exports are growing which is great news for Australian woolgrowers.  Italy reported an increase in wool fabric exports of 2.8% for the first quarter of 2018, showing an increased consumer demand for wool as a sustainable textile.

Wool is one of the most recycled fibres

Wool is a highly sustainable fabric – it’s grown on sheep which are part of the natural carbon cycle, has a longer lifespan than other textiles, tends to be washed less frequently at lower temperatures, is one of the most recycled fibres, and at the end of its lifespan biodegrades readily.  It’s easy to see why wool is becoming the fabric of choice.

Freshly shorn superfine merino fleece wool.

Photo: Freshly shorn pure superfine merino fleece wool.

Merineo is innovative and sustainable

Merineo has created a swaddling bag for newborn babies which is innovative in design and fabric construction.  The unique design of the swaddle inside the bag, made using premium superfine merino wool, gives newborns a healthy, safe and sustainable garment to sleep in.

Our new Merineo mesh style garments will be available for sale at our on-line store early Spring, in time for the warmer weather.   Sign up on our Home page to be amongst the first to know when the product is launched!


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