How do our Merino Singlets help Eczema?

How do our Merino Singlets help Eczema?

Singlets for newborns to 7 year olds are the latest addition to our superfine merino collection.  These lovely, soft garments can help treat eczema, and our thoughtful design gives your child extended wearability.

Made from 100% merino activewear fabric, Merineo's child singlets are a world first.  Highly breathable and robust, soft and luxurious, they’re perfect for next to skin wear and helping child eczema.

What is eczema?

Around 30% of children are affected by eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis.  Itchiness, sleeplessness and irritability are just some of the symptoms.  Babies often require medical attention, having inflamed and dried skin, sometimes leading to cracked skin and bacterial infection, creating much anxiety for parents.

How to treat eczema

Wearing merino has recently been proven a natural treatment.  Dermatological trials (more information below) have shown that adult and child eczema sufferers wearing superfine merino garments next to the skin had reduced symptoms.  Antibiotics, topical steroids and moisturisers are other remedies.

What’s the magic in merino?

Merino garments are more breathable than other common apparels because of wool’s ability to absorb and release moisture vapour. Merino wool helps stabilise humidity levels, reducing the risk of clamminess, helping regulate the temperature of the micro-climate next to the skin.  These benefits help reduce eczema, making merino the go-to wear for infants.

Research trials

Four recent dermatology trials concluded superfine merino helps infant, adolescent and adult eczema patients. Participants wore 17.5 micron merino wool garments for at least 6 hours a day for 6 weeks.

Better than cotton

In one study led by Professor John Su at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, 40 children aged 4 weeks to 3 years with mild to moderate eczema were selected for the trial. They switched from wearing cotton to superfine merino wool, and their symptoms eased significantly.  You can read the published findings.

When these children returned to wearing cotton, their symptoms increased again - A compelling reason to dress your child in superfine merino.

Parents of children in the trial reported they were stunned by the results as you can learn in this short video of Channel 9's news report. 


These outcomes challenge long held views that wool should not be worn by children with eczema.  Professor John Su has formally recommended that historical management guidelines be modified to include superfine merino wool as a recommended clothing choice in treating childhood atopic dermatitis.

Merineo’s singlets designed for extended wear

In addition to the health benefits, we’ve designed our singlets for extended wearability.  We know babies outgrow singlets quickly so we've designed a solution.  Our singlets are slightly longer than singlets you'll find at major retail outlets, giving your child a singlet that will last longer, because children typically outgrow clothing in the length (not the width).

Our singlets fit comfortably around the waist and chest because our fabric, a lightweight, premium mesh knit, is highly elastic, always returning to the original shape.

We also use natural cotton care labels because we love being eco-friendly and we love how soft they feel!


Our merino singlets are machine washable at 40c, and to achieve a long lasting garment, we encourage you to turn your singlet inside out, wash on a wool cycle and use a wool detergent.

We love our superfine merino singlets and we’re sure you and your child will too!!

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