Hospital Pilot Program puts Merineo to the Test

Hospital Pilot Program puts Merineo to the Test

Knox Private Hospital recently hosted a pilot program by Merineo where parents of newborn babies were invited to test a Merineo Newborn Swaddling Bag on their newborn.

"My baby settles better in a Merineo compared to similar products," is what the majority of parents reported.   We believe the reason is the swaddling effect of the product (which is consistent with midwives feedback that babies sleep better swaddled) combined with the fabric used to make the product: natural, breathable premium superfine merino wool.  

100% of parents reported the fabric felt soft and luxurious, also after machine washing the garment.  Merineo conducted a global search to source the very best quality wool to use on newborns.

Keep reading Merineo's news to find out what happened next at Knox Private Hospital....

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