Winning Gold and the Editor's Choice Award for our Newborn Swaddle Bag

Winning Gold and the Editor's Choice Award for our Newborn Swaddle Bag

We are thrilled to announce that two of our merino sleep products won three awards in the 2021 Clean + Conscious Awards!

Our Newborn Baby Swaddle Bag won the Gold Award and the Editor's Choice Award in the Baby Sleep Category.  We are so humbled to receive these awards amongst hundreds of nominees, and we are delighted to share the judges' feedback with you in this journal article.  (We are writing a separate article about the third award relating to our Merino Toddler Bag.)

Merineo wins Gold Award in Baby Sleeping Category at Clean + Conscious Awards for our newborn baby swaddle bag.     Merineo wins Editor's Choice Awards for Baby Sleeping Category at Clean + Conscious Awards for our merino newborn swaddle bag.

The Clean + Conscious Awards celebrate exceptional products that work in perfect harmony with our bodies, our environment, and our society.  Now running in their third year, the Awards celebrate safe, non-toxic, ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible products.

All finalist products were scientifically researched and scrutinised by Awards Founder and Head of Research and Education, Emily Fletcher, and each product was hands-on reviewed by a panel of 45 industry experts made up of eco-leaders, editors, changemakers and ethical fashion advocates, including Sarah Berry of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, environmentalist Kathryn Nelson, and writer and stylist Amy Starr

Merineo is an awarding winning merino baby swaddle designer, with Australian made baby swaddles.

What did the panel say about our Newborn Swaddle Bag?

Amongst those assessing our Merineo newborn swaddle bag were Samantha Gilmore, blogger and mother of 3 in New South Wales, Shannon Rafaelli, blogger and mother based in West Australia, and Emily Fletcher, founder of the Clean + Conscious Awards.

We designed our flagship product 5 years ago with input from experienced hospital midwives and the newborn swaddle bag was later successfully hospital trialed.  The product is unique with wings inside the bag to swaddle the newborn baby, keeping her snug like in the womb to help her sleep better.  We sent samples of our newborn swaddle bag to panel members for their newborns to sleep in.  Their feedback was humbling.

Merineo's newborn swaddle bag is easy to use and helps newborn babies sleep better.

Soft merino fabric

What the panel had to say about our soft merino fabric was overwhelming, making us feel positive about our vision to deliver a product made from the best quality merino wool, with the hope consumers become repeat purchasers of merino wool clothing.

“This is by far the softest sleep swaddle I have ever had in my life! It feels so, so soft!  This would be my top pick in swaddles!  Super soft, nice stretch to it.” Samantha Gilmore

“The fabric is buttery soft and stretchy over my larger-than-life newborn.” - Shannon Rafaelli

"Made from the softest merino I’ve ever felt." Emily Fletcher, founder of the Awards 

The feedback about the quality of the merino wool fabrics we use has encouraged us to continue sourcing pure superfine merino wool hand selected from the best parts of the fleece.  It has kept us focussed on merino wool, rather than being enticed into cutting costs by using inferior fabrics. Thank you judges for your feedback!

Swaddle bag design quick to learn

The judges commended us on the easy to use swaddle design and fit

“The mechanism of the swaddle itself was quick to learn and secured my wriggly newborn down tightly. I love that the fabric is comprised of natural and ethically grown fibres, which meant that our newborn would not be irritated or overheat.”  – Shannon Rafaelli

“I love the colour and it fits the little babe perfectly.” – Samantha Gilmore

“As a new mother, we have so much to learn and worry about!  This incredible swaddle bag takes away a lot of the stress I know I experienced in those early days. Gently and easily keeping little hands tucked in and also providing a beautifully thermoregulated sleep environment, bub will be comfortable and safe, even with fluctuations in temperature. Even if you have a little Houdini, this will keep arms tucked close.  – Emily Fletcher

It's pleasing to receive this feedback about the fit and functionality of our flagship product.  

Merineo's newborn swaddle bag helps babies sleep better, and is proudly made in Australia.

Supporting local Australian farmers and suppliers

Being an Australian made product, did not go unnoticed by the panel.

“I love that [Merineo] are supporting Aussie farmers and buying 100% Aussie merino wool and supporting local as it is so important to support Aussie made where we can." - Samantha Gilmore 

"I also value their support for local Australian farmers and businesses." - Shannon Rafaelli

"I love that this bag is made in Australia" - Emily Fletcher

It was great to be recognised for our efforts in using local suppliers, as often it is difficult when our competitors are at a cost advantage in sourcing from overseas.  All our products are made locally and we are officially licensed to use the Made in Australia logo on each product.

Merineo's swaddle bags are made in Australia from the softest superfine merino wool grown in Australia.

Minimal packaging

As a way of keeping the Recommended Retail Price of each product as low as possible, we use as least packaging as possible, whilst keeping in mind we sell premium products, so some packing is required both to protect the product and to give a positive customer experience when the package arrives in the hands of the recipient.  The panel had this to say about our packaging - 

"Minimal packaging when it arrived." - Samantha Gilmore

In using minimal packaging, we are also reducing our carbon footprint.  

Thank you

A huge thank you to the panel members for their valuable and encouraging feedback.  We are absolutely thrilled to have won not only the Gold Award but also the Editor's Choice award for our flagship product, the newborn swaddle bag, also known as "the Merineo".


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