Top 5 Baby Christmas Gifts 2019

Top 5 Baby Christmas Gifts 2019

Top 5 Baby Christmas Gifts

Searching for the perfect baby Christmas gift?  Our top 5 gifts for newborns to 4 year olds have been carefully selected, mostly locally designed and locally manufactured products. They’re for eco-conscious gift buyers looking for something special.

Of course, you’ll find Merineo’s passion for wool evident in each gift! Here they are, in no particular order -

1.     Tambo Teddies

Top 5 Baby Christmas Gifts- Tambo Teddies on Merineo's websiteA town called Tambo in Outback Queensland is the home of these cuddly teddy bears, made from the softest Australian sheepskin. Each teddy comes with its own individual name and number, the names having been inspired by local stations and identities: there’s “Tambo Station Tony” and “Stirling Downs Sussex” gifted to Baby Archie. Receiving a Tambo Teddy is a bit like getting a new family member!

Merineo contacted Alison and Tammy, the owners of Tambo Teddies, and asked them what they liked best about using wool. Here’s what they said:

“We are girls from the Outback and we just love wool! Alison was a woolclasser for 20 years and still loves rubbing the skins (woolly side up) against her face in a softness test.”

“Wool is just the best product – cool in summer, warm in winter, the best comforter for little ones to snuggle up with.”

 Each teddy is lovingly handcrafted and they come in different colours, sizes and styles. Buy on-line at Tambo Teddies.

 2.     Ugg Boots

Top 5 Baby Christmas Gifts 2019 Ugg Australia and MerineoUgg Australia creates adorable baby Ugg boots. For almost 4 decades this family business has been operating in Melbourne. They cut, stitch and glue every pair of sheepskin boots and have their own tannery making sheepskins using ecologically friendly techniques.  In a range of colours, from chestnut to ruby, they make a great baby gift. Buy on-line at Ugg Australia.

3.     “Where is the Green Sheep?” written by Mem Fox and illustrated by Judy Horacek

An enjoyable and cheerful book! We contacted Mem’s literary agent Jenny Darling, curious about the background to this infamous green sheep. Mem was inspired by a little water colour painting of a sheep she noticed on Judy the illustrator’s website.  Here's how she described the experience: 

“...a heavenly, pale green, woolly sheep standing in a dark green field. I fell in love with it.

Top 5 Baby Christmas Gifts 2019 Where is The Green Sheep?Also curious about this solitary green sheep, she contacted Judy, and many drafts and almost a year later, the book was completed.  Created to be read aloud to children, we can vouch it’s a fun book not just for children, but for adults to read too! Perfect to read to newborns to 5 year olds and available at many outlets from Dymocks to Kmart. 

4.    Shaun the Sheep animated films and TV series

Top 5 Baby Christmas Gifts 2019 and Shaun the SheepShaun is the leader sheep and the films and TV episodes are about his shenanigans around the farm. He was named Shaun as a pun on the word "shorn" after he was accidentally subjected to Wallace’s automated sheep shearing machine. 

The new movie “Farmageddon” is about to be released, and Australian Wool Innovation is running a series of initiatives designed to educate the public about the benefits of wool as part of global roll out of the movie. The initiatives include a unique short animation film titled “Super Natural Wool” featuring Shaun, plus Shaun-inspired educational materials, games and activity sheets hosted on a campaign website.

“Farmageddon” will be released in Australia on 9 January 2020, making movie tickets a great gift for parents and children.

5.     Merineo swaddling bags and sleeping bags

Top 5 Baby Christmas Gifts 2019 and Merineo Baby Sleeping BagEvery newborn, baby and toddler (and their parents!) deserve a good sleep. Why not spoil them with a Merineo baby sleeping bag, made from 100% merino wool, designed to help babies sleep better! Available at Gift wrapping complimentary.


This list will make your baby Christmas shopping that little bit easier! Feel free to share our blog with a friend.

Merineo wishes you a Happy Christmas and a Woolly Good 2020!

Top 5 Baby Christmas Gifts 2019


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