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Collaborating with Raffal Scarves - Behind the Scenes

The Meeting of the Minds

Merineo recently collaborated with Raffal to develop a beautiful selection of Woolmark certified pure Australian merino wool scarves.

With a passion for merino wool, Helen Webster’s career in wool began at the Australian Wool Corporation (AWC), leading her to create her own brand Raffal, which only recently celebrated 20 successful years in business. When our paths crossed it was inevitable that our shared enthusiasm for merino wool would lead to some sort of collaboration.

Celebrity Style

Helen’s eye for colour was identified during her time in the marketing team at Australia’s wool industry body, the AWC, now known as The Woolmark Company. She loved seeing fashions evolve, working with retailers, forecasting trends, and using her knowledge and skill to promote and advertise wool garments on behalf of the AWC, the body funded by Australian woolgrowers to globally promote and market wool.
Deep and rich coloured scarves designed by Raffal have been worn by many high profile figures, including Julia Gillard, Australia's only female (now former) Prime Minister.  See photo of Julia looking glamourous wearing her merino wool Raffal scarf in green, complementing her hair colour and complexion beautifully. 

ABC journalist and mother, Laura Tingle, is amongst others wearing Raffal. Spotted accessorising with this gorgeous navy and cream Raffal scarf late last year whilst hard at work interviewing Malcolm Turnbull, she looked professional and elegant.  See below.

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Laura Tingle wearing a "Raffal" scarf!

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Creating a collection for MerineoMums

At the heart of our work, was the desire to create a beautiful collection of luxurious and extremely light scarves for MerineoMums, perfect to wear to any occasion. We wanted fashionable scarves in eco-conscious colours, made from 100% Australian merino wool. 

Helen's enviable lifestyle of international travel researching fashion trends and meeting with suppliers meant some of our discussions took place in between different time zones when Helen was away from her Melbourne base.

Australian Merino Drapes Beautifully

We might be biased, but we believe merino wool is the best fibre to use for scarves. It wears well, drapes beautifully, is breathable and long lasting. (See left - photo of Raffal scarf.) Wool doesn’t hold fragrances (which tend to pong after a few days) like other commonly used fibres, and it repels dirt. Wool scarves almost never need washing – just a good steam iron. 

Best of all, wool is natural. Unlike synthetics that are not biodegradable, wool is super eco-friendly, biodegrading within 6 months. 

Synthetic manufacturers have failed to succeed in turning this truly unique fibre into a synthetic. Wool’s unique thermal properties help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, and it’s ability to absorb twice its weight in moisture without feeling damp, are just some of its amazing attributes.

The Selection Process

Deciding on scarves was no easy task amongst Raffal’s enormous collection of colours, styles, sizes and weaves. Jacquards and plain weaves, embroidered detailing, tasselled finishes, plain and multi-coloured designs, lightweight and heavyweight scarves – one for at least every day of the year. There are scarves for the flamboyant to the more conservative, in bright or muted colours.
The easy part of the collaboration was selecting soft-to-touch scarves. Raffal’s scarves tick this box! To have the scarves Woolmark certified was an added bonus, assuring consumers the fibre used is from Australian merino sheep.
With the fabric type settled, the next choice was the type of weave and colour style. We decided on three lightweight plain weave scarves, in eco-conscious colours - glacier, coral and cream (see photo below).  These colours of nature (call them eco-colours!) are designed to complement a wardrobe of navy blues and whites, colours worn regularly by MerineoMums.

Available for a Short Time Only  

We’re thrilled to have worked with Helen at Raffal to present you with this exciting range of eco-coloured scarves, made from 100% Australian merino wool. They’re luxuriously lightweight and soft to touch, designed to complement any wardrobe. Available until 15 October 2019 or until sold out at